The standard stamp of approval

realunreal is a social standard stamp of approval that is given to companies, advertisers and talents who declare that they will not use editing software to narrow sizes and will not use underweight presenters. Hundreds of millions of people in the Western world suffer from low body image due to the representation of a single and unrealistic human body in the media and social networks.

The social message that in order to be successful one must "look good", permeates all of us and especially the youth. Among other things, it affects our self-confidence and our integration into society and can lead to more serious disorders and addictions. The goal is to change the beauty ideal so that the advertising world will contain our true representation (in a variety of sizes), we are those who end up buying the products.

If it's not real, no deal! Do you want to help hundreds of millions and smile in front of the mirror?

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The "Photoshop Law"

The Israeli "Photoshop Law" states two things, there will be no use of editing software to narrow sizes in publications and no ads will be made with presentors that are underweight (BMI below 18.5).

realunreal is determined to stop the effects of body shaming on youth and to harness the industry to advertise a healthy and reachable beauty model.

Together, with many organizations, we will promote the standard that brands will uphold by declaring not to use editing software to narrow sizes, not to use underweight presentors and to address the entire spectrum of the population. That is how the companies can show their customers that they support the cause.


The Simply You NPO, Adi Barkan and the team conducts life saving lectures in schools, army and organization. A lecture that is a must in every home.

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Experiential workshop for teenage girls

realunreal in collaboration with Simply You NPO, we present a 14-session workshop for adolescent girls aged 12-14 to strengthen their body image and self-confidence while getting acquainted with basic principles for a healthy lifestyle. The workshop will be led by Adi Barkan, a fashion photographer and chairman of the simply you association, accompanied by a team of leading instructors in the field of nutrition and fitness, styling, NLP and photography. During the workshop we will teach tools for personal empowerment, developing a positive body image, strengthening social ties and self-confidence. The last meeting will take place at the fashion photography studio, where we will have a professional photo session, for each of the participants.

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